Kathy works in conjunction with every member of the adoption team, and lends her expertise and evidence-based information to help ensure a smooth transition for the birth parent, the baby, and
the adopting family (✦).

Adoption services provide the birth parent with the following:
• Private, adoption-specific birth education and preparation
• Customized birth plan tailored to fit her emotional/physical needs and desires
• Comfort, assurance and uninterrupted labor support
• Initial postpartum support, including assistance with her breastmilk decision
• Escorting birth parent as they leaves the hospital, so that they doesn’t have to leave alone
• One optional postpartum visit to ensure she has identified counseling and support resources for herself

In addition, Kathy provides the adopting family (✦) with the following:
• Private, adoption-specific birth education and preparation, unique to the adopting family’s needs
• Baby’s arrival, evidence-based information/support as bonding is initiated
• Baby feeding choices: Induced lactation, donor breastmilk, formula preparation, and education as how to bottle feed baby properly
• Meal preparation, grocery shopping, laundry, services allowing the adopting family precious, uninterrupted time to enjoy their new baby

Whether you are the birth parent, or the adopting family, Kathy provides compassionate support within your unique situation to make the transition harmonious for all involved for all members of the adoption team.

(✦) If adoption is private, services are provided to adopting family only

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