Jill O.

I reached out to Kathy when my son was 4 weeks old. My son was not nursing well and I was having major anxiety and in the middle of baby blues and was panicking. A close friend of mine recommended me to Kathy for help. She was able to calm me down on the phone, give me some pointers and tips, and we scheduled a time for her to come over the following day.  I was knowledgeable about tongue ties because of my prenatal education class and had asked the lactation consultant at the hospital after my son was born to confirm that he did not have any oral ties, which she did. Although as soon as Kathy saw my son nursing she instantly knew that there was something wrong. She was able to give us an evaluation and refer me to other professionals she works closely with to assist in correcting the oral ties. My husband and I are so grateful for her expertise. I don’t think that I would have continued to breastfeed if she had not helped us. She has extensive knowledge, compassion for new moms and passion to help make motherhood just a little less daunting.